Exhibition services

We will help you to attract more visitors on your exhibition stand

Standbuild offers turn-key services for your exhibition stand during the show days. We can provide everything you need:

  • Lighting and audio-video equipment;
  • Furniture (from our catalogs);
  • Multimedia and entertainment equipment;;
  • Printing: printing brochures, business cards, advertising, roll-ups, uniforms;
  • Translation services, stand staff, promotional staff, catering;
  • Development of video presentations, videos, service of photographers, videographers.
Furniture and floristry

Our professionals have extensive experience in carrying out spectacular presentations. When ordering services in the complex, you save time and resources.


For quotation of your project you can fill and send us technical requirement form. Manager will calculate it and contact you shortly.
Also, you can send your request directly to our email: info@standbuild.ru


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